Angie's Spa Annual Report

We are deeply honored to be mentioned in the annual report of Angie's Spa.

We will translate the message into Japanese to let everyone who helped to make the terry cloth hats know about Angie’s Spa more.  Thank you very much.

Here is the message to the donors from Nancy Benson Berry, Executive Director, Angie's Spa Inc.


  Dear Donors,                                                                   

    This year, 2016, has been a wonderful year. Thanks to your commitment and

    generosity, we reached our fundraising goal of raising over $1,000,000 since the   

    inception of Angie's Spa in 2008! That funding has allowed Angie's Spa to realize

    additional outstanding achievements this year. Together we:                     

       •Funded more than 8,000 free therapeutic services to cancer patients          

       •Funded free therapeutic massages for children with cancer at UF Health,     

         Jacksonville, Florida                                                      

       •Renewed funding to our seven existing hospital programs                      

       •Added UCLA Simms/Mann Integrative Medicine Center to our hospital           


    We have seen an increase in applications from cancer centers across the USA as  

    therapeutic treatments have become essential components in cancer patient treat 

    ment plans. In 2016, we received 10 grant applications from hospitals interested

    in funding an Angie's Spa program. Together we were able to renew our 7 existing

    programs and add one new program.


   Our donor support is the backbone of Angie's Spa since we are solely funded by   

   private donations. This year we especially want to recognize Joanna Klein, Board 

   Member and Founder of Angie's Spa, who raised fully a third of our revenue by    

   hosting and matching all expenses for the most successful fundraiser we've ever  

   had. Joanna also lifted Angie's Spa's profile with her interview in the Fall, 2016

   Cancer Today magazine.


   Thanks to our donor, Yuko Komada, who extended support for Angie's Spa           

   internationally. Yuko gathered a group of friends in Japan to make hundreds of   

   soft terry cloth hats, and send them to our cancer patients. 


   As always, I am grateful to our dedicated, small, unpaid staff, and volunteer    

   consultants who donate their time and expertise so that all donations can go     

   directly to benefit patients. Not one donated dollar goes to pay for salaries or 

   other manpower costs.


   Finally, we recognize the devoted and caring staff and therapists of our hospital

   programs. Their work has prompted hundreds of letters of appreciation from pa    

  tients and caregivers, as well as from nurses and doctors who see, first-hand,     

  the benefit of therapeutic spa treatments.


  With your continued support, we are able to partner with Oncology teams and       

  provide cancer patients with the most beneficial, integrative treatment plans.     

  Together we can continue to help combat the pain, side effects and stress they    

  endure. FOR FREE!                                                                 

  Gratefully Yours,                                                                  


Nancy Benson Berry                                                                  

Executive Director, Angie's Spa Inc.