Like a Perpetual Spring

The Hat Spring Project so named because it’s just like a spring as it constantly flows producing hats and continuously supported by the dedicated effort and passion for the project.


The Hat Spring Project started in the U.S. in July, 2012, when Yuko Komada, one of the project members, received crocheted hats knitted by a woman, who was a client of her host family, Jamie Van Arsdall.  In the United States, Jamie is a Guardian Ad Litem, a profession that supports people who are unable to care for themselves.  Jamie offered Yuko the hats for the children of Natori, who live in the tsunami-ravaged area of the huge earthquake in Tohoku that occurred on March 11 in 2011.


In December 2012, the members of The Hat Spring Project visited Natori City, Miyagi Pref., to give the hats to the students of Natori Special School, a school for mentally and physically challenged students from elementary through high school

Since then, we hope to develop friendship ties with other countries by holding concerts and promoting our original songs in many languages.