Hazy Moon Light by Chiaki Arisaka @Yokiso

Attention! Upload "Hazy Moon Light" to YouTube. 

Director of the Hat Spring Project, Kumiko Takagi (miko-miku) made the second song, "Hazy Moonlight". The Yomiuri article (Sep. 7th, 2016) is about the song .

The lyrics are co-written by Yu, who is an ALS patient, and Kumiko.  



Diagnosed with ALS, I got into the depths of despair that day.

I still cannot get the shock out of my mind.


Enormous fear and tremendous sorrow

Overwhelmed me.


Though I feel my tears welling up in my eyes,

I can no longer wipe them away alone.


But some are giving me support closely,

Others are encouraging me quietly and remotely


Getting ALS gave me opportunities

To feel the warmth of people more than before.


Going through each uneasy day,

I will live my life,

Connecting with different people.

Yu July, 2016