Hazy Moonlight

English lyrics by Yuko Komada

Original Japanese lyrics by Kumiko Takagi & Yu

The first verse


I have chosen the way to go

I have taken all what befell me, though

Way too many burdens fall on me

At a crossroads I stop and freeze


Way too many struggles overwhelm me everywhere

Though I know it will take me nowhere

Why me? Why only me?” sighing in pain

Tell me why?” asking in vain.


Back and forth my mind goes, my heart is wavering

The hazy moon in the water’s shivering

Cry and cry, cry deeply, cry until I fall asleep

Under the silver moonlight


The second verse


Shattering the armor I’m clad in,

At the crossing, crowds are coming and going

Over the cracked mask, tears are streaming down

I left them falling slowly down


I don’t know how to dry my tears away

Biting my lip, I can no longer take my way

Then I notice someone looking at me tenderly

Without saying a word to me


As we felt the same pain, some time ago

For a moment, ephemeral feelings echo

Soon we take our eyes off each other before long

And go back the way to where we belong


Around, around, my mind’s going around,

Restless time is flowing along.

I’m not alone, will never be. Somewhere, someone and I

Are looking up at the same night sky




Waxing moon, waning moon, and back to new again

After night, another day comes again

Lying in pain, I believe a new day will come soon

I will try a little more wishing on the moon


La la la …

I try a little more, wishing on the moon

Following silver hazy moonlight