NHK Welfare Award-Winning "Hazy Moonlight"

My friend Kumiko and her friend Yu san, who is an ALS patient, wrote the song, “Hazy Moonlight.”  Kumiko wrote an essay about the songwriting process.  Last year the essay ,Hazy Moonlight: Writing a song with Yu san” won the 52nd NHK Welfare Award.

I will translate this essay into English so that more people will listen to the song and learn about ALS,” I thought.  This idea delighted Kumiko and Yu san.  We would be grateful if you would read this story and listen to the song.

Special thanks to Kathy Craft, who helped me as a proofreader.

Yuko Komada

The 52nd NHK Welfare Award-Winning
Hazy-Moonlight: Writing-a-song-with-Yu-s
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