Guests from the U.S.

In 2014, Jamie and her friend, Nancy Berry, visited Natori to personally present hats to the people in that area.  Yuko was their guide.  They went to Minori-en, a center for special needs people. The visitors were warmly greeted by the Director and her staff, who relayed their story of the Tsunami.  Jamie, Nancy, Yuko, Kumiko and Yoko met the day residents and participated in a ceremony delivering the hats and they were given candies and cookies that were made by the residents.  The group also purchased some gift items made by the residents to bring back home.


 The next day, the group visited Natori Special School, where Yuko, Kumiko and Yoko had donated the first batch of hats in 2012.  It was quite impressive to see these students and their teachers and helpers. One student actually remembered the hats from 2 years ago.